Green Mountain Well Provides Drilled Water Wells Throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusettswater well drilling MA, NH, VT

Wells penetrate 100 to 400 feet into bedrock, which is commonly called a ledge. Great skill is required to guide and control the drill as it penetrates sand, gravel, clay, and solid rock. We evaluate the geographic landscape and rock formations to determine the best drilling technique to use.

We Install the following Types of Wells:

• Bedrock • Gravel • Commercial • Industrial

well drilling in Vermont, New Hampshire, and MassachusettsStyles of Drilling
For rotary drilling, a bit is attached to the drill pipe and rotated to grind up rock. Compressed air helps break up hard rocks, and the depth of water and formations are closely monitored.

Cable Tool
This technique is affectionately known as the “Pounder.” A heavy bit is attached to the end of a wire cable and raised and dropped rhythmically, pounding its way downward. Periodically, the cuttings are bailed out of the hole.


well drilling in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

Control panel on the back or our drilling rig.

Tap into hard-to-access fresh water with hydrofracking, a technique that injects highly pressurized water into bedrock. This process flushes and removes fine particles and rock fragments, and increases the yields of new and older wells that have diminished recovery rates.